It’s time to figure out what to do next, in particular about ( for short) and ( Right now they are simply mirroring one another; it’s time to differentiate them, so that Curmudgeon is about my (incipient) consulting business, and the GitHub site is about software development. Some provision also has to be made for my “resume” site, ( – the capital letters distinguish it from my “personal” site, This post is me thinking out loud about what to do about that.

Factors to consider

  • Any project pages on GitHub are going to appear as subdirectories of That suggests using to tie all of my projects together. The blog there should be about software development, possibly including stream-of-consciousness stuff like this and the “building the site” series.

  • The blog at should be focused on the business, which includes more instructive posts like the ones tagged “curmudgeon” over on Dreamwidth.

  • The Makefile and theme are duplicated. The theme should go into a separate stand-alone theme package, and the common parts of the Makefile should go into MakeStuff/blogging, with the site-specific stuff in .config.make.

  • It really isn’t clear what to do with actual “articles” (like the programming languages series). It’s tempting to put them into a separate repo, and simply reference them from the blog(s), although that might make it harder to keep separate categories. Another possibility is simply cross-posting, taking advantage of the current trend toward putting almost everything into blog form. Not sure I like that, though.

Things to do

(These will probably get re-arranged at some point.)

  • Move the common parts of the Makefiles into MakeStuff/blogging. That’s trivial. Make it into a post.

  • Split out the theme. Call it ReadMostly. (Blog that process, too.) At that point, it will be easier to let the two sites’ git histories diverge.

  • Split the blog posts, and figure out how to crosspost among Jekyll and DW blogs. It might be hard to keep things in sync. At some point it would really be useful to make a combined blog archive.

  • Collect the articles, rewriting as necessary (including new titles for some). Figure out where they go – it’s obviously a separate repo, and may very well want to be a MakeStuff site.

Note that this list does not include marketing stuff for the business. That has to get done ASAP (with new posts on, so it would be good to put after the blog post split.