These are some of the websites I've built.

Caravan Massage
This business website was built using Wordpress; the artwork at the top came from the flyer the business owner had had designed, as did the text on the home page and sidebar. Wordpress is extremely popular, especially for blogging, and has hundreds of free, premium, and custom themes. Customizing a free theme, as I did here, can be a bit tricky, but it's a good way to get a site up and running with comparatively little effort.
Rainbow's End Massage
The owner of this site worked with a professional web designer for a completely custom site. That's a great way to start, but after your designer emails you a zip file, there's still quite a lot of work to be done to put your site online. I provided the hosting, backups (including version control), and some content editing. I also used the the designer's artwork to make matching gift certificates. You don't need a web designer for routine things like updating your contact information, adding some text, or even adding new pages -- those are things I can do for you as they come up, or teach you how to do yourself.
I'm not a professional web designer. This is my personal website, and it's a good example of the kind of site I can design on my own. It was built using my custom static website generator, MakeStuff. MakeStuff is ideal for singer-songwriters, because it can generate not only a website with all your lyrics and concerts online, but printed lyric sheets, songbooks, and CDs.
This was the resumé website for my last several job hunts. The overall look of the site is designed to match my printed resume.
The Rainbow Caravan
This is a family website. Every family has stories to tell, events to announce, things they want their friends to know, and things they don't want to forget. You can sort of do that with Facebook, but anything you post there quickly disappears beneath a pile of ads, memes, and bad news. That's because you aren't Facebook's customer, you're their product. At least, your eyeballs, clicks, and personal information are -- they don't really care about you.
This is a GitHub Pages website. It currently uses the same theme as this one. GitHub isn't just for software developers anymore; it can be used for books, blogs, personal websites, and practically anything else you might want to share with the world. If you're not a software developer, though, there's a lot you have to learn before you can use it effectively. Been there, done that, got the website. I can show you around and get you settled in.